Tutorial - How to create signatures

YOURLifeChoices is excited to launch our new Tutorials on YouTube! This week we feature our How to create signatures in Microsoft Outlook tutorial.

Watch the video or read Drew’s step-by-step instructions!

You can click here to view it on the YouTube website

how to create signatures in Microsoft outlook tutorial

Alternatively you can view it below. To make the video larger, click on the Symbol in the YouTube
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How to create signatures in Microsoft Outlook

Open Microsoft Outlook and at the very top row, left click the word tools and a drop down box will appear. Click on the word Options, as seen to our right.

Once you have clicked this, the options box will appear with a number of different tabs at the top. Click on the Mail Format tab, as seen below to our right.

Now look to the bottom of the Options box in the Mail format tab. There will be an area named Signatures with a click box as seen to our right. Click the word Signatures and this will open up the Create Signature box

If you already have a Signature, you can select it and click edit, alternatively if you don’t have one, click the word New… which is on the upper right hand side.

Step 1: Enter the name you want for the Signature

Step 2: Click the box, Start with a blank signature

Now at the bottom, click Next

Step 3: Now it is time to enter the test we want. Once you have all of the text in place, you can now change how you want it to sit. For example on our right, I have shown you how to use the font button, located just below where we enter the text.

Once you have all this information in place, at the bottom right, click Finish

Now on the next screen that has appeared, at the bottom right Click ok.

You will be presented back at the Signatures screen we started at. Make sure your signature is selected as mine is in the photo to our right at the bottom of this article, and finally Click Apply at the bottom right, and Ok.

Now we are done and ready to send personal emails with style!