How to make a URL smaller!

We have all heard the term URL when using the internet, but what does it mean? A URL is an acronym meaning: Uniform Resource Locator.

Depending on the website, you can have small and large URLs. For example, when I want to look up a map, I will go to the website

I would be more than happy to simply send this link to my friends via e-mail, alternatively I would be happy to receive it from my friends. I would also be happy to receive this address in person from a friend, because it is small and easy to type in from a piece of paper.

When I do a search on the Mapquest website, I get a extremely long address like the following:
There is no way I am even contemplating sending this to my friends, or printing it out to give to them. Lucky for us, there is a website which can help! is a site providing a niche service to the Internet community for free.

How it works

Visit the TinyURL website at //
In the middle of the screen on the homepage is the tool you will need. Where it says “Enter a long URL to make tiny”, Enter your URL by copying it (Ctrl C is the shortcut when selected) and then clicking in the area provided on the TinyURL homepage, and paste it (Ctrl V is the shortcut). Now simply click Make TinyURL!

The site will then tell you how many characters it has converted from your pasted web address and what it has created (normally will convert below 26 characters). For instance, I converted from 62 characters down to 24 on the above example. The link you receive will be similar to the following: //

Now you are ready to send or print this web address!