Java Problems

Q. Laurie: Hi, sorry I have not got a suggestion, just a problem with the crosswords. I have been playing them for quite a while bit recently they will not open when I click onto them. I see a note about having JAVA running….what or how do I get that happening.

A. Thank you for your email, and we are sorry to hear that you are having some problems with playing our YOURLifeChoices crosswords despite previously being able to do so.   I cannot say why you are now encountering problems, but perhaps you have recently updated your virus protection (this sometimes alters settings without you being aware), or your edition of Java has become outdated?

Anyway, in the first instance I would check that your browser’s Java support is enabled. For Microsoft Explorer users, the setting is under Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level, then scroll down to find Java and select Enable if not already selected.

After that, perhaps you could try re-installing?  This is not as drastic an action as it may seem, and is very straight forward.  Click on the following link and follow the prompts (or cut and paste into your address bar): . Be sure to restart your computer after completing the installation.

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