Managing emails

Conquering Microsoft Outlook may take centuries however, Webmaster, Drew, has a quick crusade to create rules, which allow you to specify where emails land!

Open your Microsoft Outlook program
We will start by creating a new folder, to do this Right click on the words Inbox on the left hand side of your screen and select the “New Folder” option. For this example we will call the folder “YOURLifeChoices Enewsletters”

At the top of your screen is a toolbar with a number of tabs to choose from. Left click on the “Tools” tab and from the drop down menu, left click on “Rules and Alerts”.

imageThis will open a new window. At the top left of this window you will be on the “E-Mail Rules” Tab. Below these words will be a button called “New Rule…”, Click this button

For this example, we will be moving any new emails that have the words “YOURLifeChoices” to the “YOURLifeChoices Enewsletters” folder.

imageUnder the Stay Organized Template, select “Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder” and then at the bottom of the window, click Next.

Now we need to set the conditions. You will already have the top option clicked, which is “with specific words in the subject”. This is all we need, although if you wanted to sort by people, you would select the option below and follow the next steps.

Now look to the bottom of this window where it says “Step 2”. You now need to edit the text below this. Where there is the words “Specific Words” and “specified” both underlined, you will be clicking on these to select the words and specified folder. So to start we will click on “Specific Words”. Once you click this, a window will pop up asking you to enter the specific words. Type in YOURLifeChoices and then click Add, which is on the right. Now at the bottom click on Ok. The word YOURLifeChoices will now replace “Specific Words”. Once this is done, click on “Specified”. You will now need to find the new folder we created called “YOURLifeChoices Enewsletters” in the drop down list.

You may need to click on the [+] sign on the left hand side of the Inbox to expand to show all your folders. Once you have found the folder, Select it and click the OK button on the right. Now it will say “Apply this rule after the message arrives with YOURLifeChoices in the subject move it to the YOURLifeChoices Enewsletters folder”. If this is correct click Finish. This will add the rule to your list, so click Apply at the bottom right hand corner of the window you are now at and then click OK to close the window.

You have now set up your first rule, repeat the process to add in more rules!

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