Never lose documents ever again

Like most people Editor, Debbie, has lost important documents due to computer freezes and not saving. Kaye has shared a technique which ensures you can easily find your documents.

It may seem like a simple thing to do, but training your brain to perform certain tasks, in specific ways is the most efficient form of work. Kaye was taught word-processing back in 1995 and proudly showed us her certificate!

The one process that Kaye was taught from the very beginning was that when you open a document in Word, Excel or even an email, click the save button. If Kaye is writing an article, she clicks ‘save’, save it in a specific folder and name it by the following convention, year, month, day and then the title. An example would be 100827Roast Beef Recipe.

If you remember this simple process at the start of a document, the auto save built into these programs will update the information every two minutes and if a problem such as a computer freeze occurs, you will only lose a small portion of your work.

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