PC vs Mac

AboutSeniors subscriber, Jim, told us that his current computer is getting a little out of date and freezing just a little too much, so he has asked us which is better to purchase, PC or Mac?

Being a PC user all my life and only recently having encounters with Mac computers, I have quite a biased view on which I prefer, I would straight away say I prefer a PC. Why? Because I am resistant to change, like so many other people. But this article is not about me, it is about what is right for you, and for Jim.

For a person who has used a PC and never used a Mac computer before, the change to the new software is quite a leap to make. The whole setup is different, but you would encounter the same problems if you purchased a new PC with Windows Vista, which also has a totally different feel to that of Windows XP,2000, 98 and even 95 which are relatively similar in style.

A PC can do anything you want, use as much hardware and as much software as you want, on as many operating systems as you want, while Macs do not have this same amount of customization. You need to look at what suits your needs before you purchase a computer.

Jim mentioned that he was looking at the price of a Mac vs PC and found that the MAC was around 40% more expensive than the PC. I’m happy to say, in performance standards, that this is actually not true. If you purchase a Mac and PC of similar values, these will actually be of similar performance.

My honest opinion would be that if you are not looking to play all the new fancy computer games with high graphics and details, but still want to watch movies and different clips on your computer, the Mac would be your better option.

If you have a very limited amount of money to spend, you can pick up a second hand PC for a lot cheaper than you can a Mac, there simply are more out there on the market.

I hope I have made it a little clearer to you, rather than just confusing you on this topic, so I will simply end with several dot points which may back you decide easier!

· If you have a small budget, get a PC

· Macs run faster and load software quicker

· Mac and PC prices for quality and speed are similar at the middle to higher end

· PC have more customization with software

· If you’re resistant to change, stick with what you know!