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Even when you consider yourself computer literate sometimes it’s a simple thing which can have you stumped. YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Seggie, would like to know how to create an on-screen shortcut.

Q. Hello Drew,

Now I’m reasonably OK with my computer but I need to know how to get ‘’ as an icon on my monitor.

I have Google set up and Yahoo but now I would like Bing as well.

So can you help me by explaining the process?

A. Hi Seggie,

It is relatively simple to get internet shortcuts on your desktop. The first thing you need to do is right click on your desktop and a pop-up menu will appear. Hover the mouse over the second menu item from the bottom, titled ‘new’. From there a second menu will appear, with another list of options. From that list, the second menu option from the top, ‘shortcut’ is the one you want to click. (This process is shown below)


This will bring up an entirely new options menu. At this point, simply type in the Bing web address ( and click next. (As shown below)


Now, at the final hurdle, all we have to do is name your shortcut. In this case, all we have to do is name the shortcut ‘Bing’, click ok and we have finished.


This process is not limited to search engines. If you wish to make the Sydney Morning Herald website a Shortcut on your desktop, simply repeat the process, but substitute the web address and shortcut names.

Good luck and enjoy this handy time saving hint!

Happy searching, Drew

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