Travel truth

You look at the pictures online and they’re fabulous, but when you check in at your hotel, the reality of what you’re faced with is far from acceptable. Sound familiar?

TripAdvisor gives honest, reliable and up-to-date feedback from ordinary travellers who experienced the highs and lows of your intended travel destination. Being able to avoid any nasty surprises on your one annual holiday or that longed for weekend away, is priceless, and the information is free. Once you’ve registered, you can plan your trip, share your travel stories, connect with other travellers and receive a free Enewsletter.

Anything that makes your holiday one to remember, for the right reasons, has got to be worth a visit. For more information, visit TripAdvisor.

AboutSeniors also has a few other handy sites that you should visit before finalising your trip:

Wego: for those researching a trip or just armchair travelling. Lists useful information from over 100 sites, ensuring you have a good, overall opinion before booking.

Adioso: gives you details of flights with a simple search, no need to be too specific.

Solo traveller: full of useful tips for those who don’t have a travel partner or quite simply want to head off on their own.