Troubleshooting EXE files

Most free email accounts, including Gmail and Hotmail have blocked the sending and receiving of EXE files, but YOURLifeChoices, Webmaster, Drew, explains how to get around what is a major inconvenience.

Until recently, .exe files had been an accepted form of file being sent via email. As time progressed, a number of malicious viruses appeared of which .exe files were the main culprits. When .exe files were clicked, this would allow the virus to instantly take over and infect your system. Major service providers then started to block .exe files from being sent and received as they pose threats to users.
The most obvious way to get around this issue was to compress the file/files into a Zipped format (.zip/.ace/.rar) using WinZip, WinAce or WinRar depending on the installed program at each end. Once you have the software program installed, all you need to do is right click on the item you wish to make into a zipped format, and click “Add to “Name.format” as per the example above.

Over the past year, major service providers have stepped up security to a new level, allowing their software to scan the files being received at the receivers end to locate any malicious files in the zipped file. If this software locates .exe files, it will automatically filter the file as a virus.
Once again, people have to find a way around problems caused by security features that are put in place to protect us, which in the end, prevent us from sending and receiving valuable files. As you can see in the above example of the .ace file. We need to change the format of this file. To do this, right click on the .ace file and scroll down to Rename and left click this. Now highlight the .ace part of the file name and delete. Replace with .jpg and hit enter.

Your zipped file will now be converted into a picture file (although it will not be viewable as a photo obviously). This will fool the email scanners. All you need to do when you send this file is explain to the recipient that they need to save the file to their computer and rename it to .ace/zip/rar depending on the initial version you used.

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