Where to get help with your gizmo

When choosing a new device, you may need a little assistance getting to know your gizmo

When you leave work you often have to hand back the device that your employer has paid for and trained you to use. While this may be seen as negative, you can now choose the device you want and may have the time to embrace social media as you travel around Australia or head overseas with a tablet or laptop.

As reported last week, recent Optus research reveals a high number of older Australians would like more help with their devices.

Whilst 52 per cent of the 60+ age group believe that they are proficient - and

3 per cent even describe themselves as techno whizzes – 37 per cent would like more help and 10 per cent describe themselves as hopeless.

Some want assistance face-to-face while others wish to watch a video, or seek help from a friend or relative.

Says Gavin Williams, the Vice President of Segment Marketing at Optus, “From our research we know that those people who  are seeking assistance with many of the new features prefer very different solutions.

When asked, ‘Where would you get help?’, survey respondents revealed that the strong preference was children or friend’s children (60 per cent), a web search engine (56 per cent), followed by sales staff from where the device was purchased (52 per cent). Only 22 per cent were inclined to ask friends of the same age.

The Optus research also revealed that at least 45 per cent of respondents are keen to get the most out of their devices. Accordingly, Optus has established an Optus Guru online help program to explain some of the finer points of technology. Devices are also showcased by trained staff in Optus stores.

And don’t forget that YOURLifeChoices webmaster, Drew, is always here to help

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    11th Dec 2012
    Rachel Could you tell me where I can find the roll out map?
    11th Dec 2012
    Go to the first page of this section - where it says something like How to choose the right device. Go to the second paragraph and scroll down until you get to the words Rollout map. These words are in blue denoting that they are a link to some where else. Hover the marker over these words and left click. You will be transferred to the correct site.
    Good luck
    11th Dec 2012
    I consider myself to be pretty net savvy as well as able to replace some hardware in my desktop. I have three very computer literate sons, one being an IT technician who has installed a programme on my computer so he can fix it remotely if need be. As a very last resort I would use a professional to sort out hardware issues.

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