Dual sim phones, what’s the deal?

Apple are in the process of releasing its first ever dual sim-carded phone in 2018, meaning that anyone with an iPhone X or (yet to be released) iPhone 9, have the opportunity to combine two individual phones in one.

But what is a dual-sim phone and what’s so good about it?

A dual SIM mobile phone is one that holds two SIM cards, and therefore two phone numbers. These two numbers would operate at the same time, using separate calls and text messages. Literally, two phones in one. 

Apple is developing the idea to assist anyone, such as business people, to easily switch to a different number when travelling, without having to swap cards and for people who want to separate work calls from private ones without the hassle of carrying two phones. 

This is a fantastic time-saving method, as current customers are having to constantly switch from one phone to the other to make personal and work calls.

It is also a great time saver and prevents the confusion and possible loss of information (emails and messages) between different phones.

Will Apple ever release it?

Before the launch of the iPhone 8 last year, leaked Apple images of the new device spread, apparently showing a ‘dual-sim feature’ and multiple sim cards surrounding the product.

While the iPhone 8 does not have the dual sim card feature, Apple are looking into its new products to add this handy option to phones in the near future.

It’s also been discussing and testing the possibility of creating a dual-sim feature for around two years, but technology experts say ‘it’s now or never’ for Apple to add this much needed feature.

Would you ever buy a dual-sim phone, or is this a waste of Apple’s time?


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