Five free must-have downloads

There are a lot of great downloads available on the internet. The team at YOURLifeChoices want to share their top five favourites. Each of these downloads are guaranteed to make your life much easier.


Today’s world is full of passwords. We have them for email, bank accounts, online shopping, social media, online subscriptions, work computers, mobile phones – the list goes on and on.

KeePass is a very useful and safe way to store all your passwords in one place. It’s also simple to use and includes a handy application that helps you to create more secure passwords.

LogMeIn Express

If you’re the resident computer expert in your family, or you’re constantly asking a friend for help with your computer, LogMeIn Express could be a very valuable tool. It is a fantastic way to share screens securely.

This means that instead of having a confusing phone conversation where you talk about “megabytes”, “watchamacallits” and “thingamabobs” the person helping can be on your computer screen and fixing the problem straight away.

Rescue Time

If you tend to get distracted online while you should be actually doing work, then Rescue Time could become a very valuable time management device. It monitors the websites and apps that you use during the day and then graphs how you spent your time. You can even set a chosen time frame where all distracting websites will be blocked so you can get your work done.

PDF to Word

PDFs are a great way to share information with others but sometimes you just wish you could make a change to them. Now with PDF to Word you can do exactly that. This download allows you to convert PDFs into Word docs or Excel files.

Shrink Pic

Emailing photos to friends and family can often be difficult owing to the large size of the photo. This either requires you to resize the pic manually or means the attachment never makes it to the intended recipient. The beauty of Shrink Pic is that it automatically resizes your photo. This makes the process much quicker and means people never miss out on seeing your great pictures.

Can you think of any other great free downloads that you would like to share?

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