Four iPhone/iPad tricks

While you may think that you have mastered your iPhone or iPad’s features, there are always a few more tricks to learn that may make your life a lot easier. Below I share my four favourite tricks for the iPhone and iPad and will share four more with you in part two.

Take a screenshot
You can take a photo of whatever is on the screen of your iPhone or iPad at any time. To do this, just hold in the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device and press the Home button at the same time. Your screen will flash, and you will find the screenshot has been saved to your Camera Roll.

Scroll to the top
Sick of scrolling all the way back to the top of an article once you have read it on your iPhone or iPad? A hidden trick available on all Apple devices is the ability to be taken to the top of any document or website you are currently working on. Simply tap the Status Bar at the top of the screen (where the time and battery life is displayed) and you will be instantly taken to the top of the item you have open.

Swipe to open notifications
When you unlock your device after receiving a notification, your iPhone or iPad will automatically open the corresponding app. If you have received more than one notification since the last time you used your device, none of the notifications will be automatically opened. Instead, you are displayed the current notifications and have the ability to open the corresponding app to a notification by swiping a notification’s app icon from left to right, like you do when unlocking your phone.

Use your iPad as a digital picture frame
To activate this feature, tap the picture icon which appears next to the “slide to unlock” bar when you unlock the device. Your iPad will now scroll through all of your photos like a digital picture frame. To customise which photo albums it will scroll through or adjust some other settings, go to Settings > Picture Frame.

Do you have any tricks or tips to share?

Written by ryanbo