3D printers show endless potential

One of the most important technological advancements of the past few years has been the invention of 3D printers. These devices can be used to replicate almost anything.

The 3D printer has huge potential in less than normal work situations. A prime example is how NASA will soon be sending a 3D printer to the International Space Station. This will allow astronauts the ability to fabricate tools, spare parts or virtually anything that can be imagined for their mission requirements. 3D printers are currently being used a little closer to home. In the case of mining projects in regional areas, it can take a day or two for critical parts or equipment to reach the work site. With a 3D printer, a replica of the part or item can be created and used within a matter of hours.

An organisation called Defence Distributed operating in the United States has obtained a federal licence to manufacture and sell firearms produced through their project for open-sourced 3D-printable guns. The process allows the manufacturers to create perfectly functional replicas.

The materials used in creating these items range from plastic to chocolate, with the world’s first 3D chocolate printer being developed last month.

Are you concerned by this technological advancement or excited to see where 3D printing may lead us?

Written by Drew

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