Google’s $50 smartphone

The world's first modular smartphone for just $50.

iWatch could predict heart attack

Strong rumours suggest that the Apple iWatch could predict heart attacks.

Great gadget: Saviour glass

Saviour Glass is a viable alternative to a bulky case.

Tablet computer under $100

The world's most affordable tablet computer is now available in Australia.

Great Gadget: Chromecast

Google's new streaming gadget is on the way.

My week with a Fitbit

Rachel spent a week wearing a Fitbit to see if they could really help you to lose weight.

Great gadget: Two egg gadgets

These gadgets will tell you when your eggs are bad and pluck the yolk from the white.

Nokia Lumia 1320 review

Drew reviews Nokia's latest big screen ‘phablet' smartphone.

Security for your passwords

Creating and remembering secure passwords may be a thing of the past.

Smart contacts for diabetics

Google has developed a smart contact lens to track diabetics' glucose levels.

Great gadget: smart socks

What if your socks could tell you how many calories you've burned or how well you run?

Great gadget: Smart standing desk

You can tell the Stir Kinetic desk how often you wish to stand.

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