Prevent red-eye – no longer ruin photos

Don’t you just hate when the perfect family snap is ruined by evil eyes? Webmaster, Drew,

Rule of Thirds

Capture significantly better Keepers with this simple rule. It’s an easy way to create interesting,

Framing and Point of View

Add a new dimension to your photos just by choosing a new point-of-view. When possible, try

iPad – Worth the hype?

Now, you may ask yourself, why on earth would I want an iPad and what can it do for me? Webmaster,

Resizing and Cropping photos

Taking a photo is only part of the process of creating a memorable image. Images can be ruined

Choosing a GPS

Webmaster, Drew, helps YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Andrew, understand the benefit of choosing the

What is an iPad?

Apple recently announced its eagerly awaited tablet product to mixed reviews. YOURLifeChoices, Webmaster,

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