Filtered flatulence for flyers

A confined space. Lots of people. Inevitable wind. One solution.

Five coolest robots taking over the travel industry

Travel bots aren't the coolest things ever? Sorry, does-not-compute.

Is this the future of reading?

Handheld AI device for people with mild to moderate low vision and reading difficulties.

Remember when we used to repair our gadgets?

Our lives are filled with more and more gadgets. The software that makes them so appealing also

Best camera add-ons for your phone

Using your smartphone as your primary camera is becoming more practical and common than ever.

Air New Zealand is taking waste-free flights to new heights

‘The cups have been a big hit with the customers,' says Air NZ customer experience manager.

Best under-seat travel bags

You'll never have to struggle to lift your overhead carry-on luggage again.

Best way to learn a language for free

If you've always dreamed of speaking another language, you're not alone. Luckily, these free

The five must-have travel gadgets of 2019

From stopping juice jackers to jackets that keep you safe from pickpockets, here are the five

How the eSim will change travel

Finding safe and affordable data is a challenge all travellers face while abroad, but the eSIM

The gadget to hold all other gadgets

The gadget to keep all others safe and organised is here.

Never use airport charging hubs (without this)

The dangers of using airport charging outlets that most travellers never consider.

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