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This super simple lesson will make you an iPad pro in under 30 minutes.

The gadgets that can help you cope with memory loss

Often simple aids or gadgets can assist someone with memory loss to manage better at home.

Turn off this annoying iPhone reminder

Drew explains how to turn off the ‘iPhone Backup Failed' reminder.

How wearable tech proves a valuable social connector

Technology might assist older adults in increasing their activity and sociability.

Apple reveals new low-cost plan to tackle hearing loss

The company that revolutionised mobile phones is set to do the same for hearing aids.

These gadgets went viral and saved their owners money

These gadgets can save owners the cost of device replacements, repairs and upgrades.

Avoid eye strain by enlarging the text on your devices

Find out how to enlarge the screen text on your device and stop straining your eyes.

Affordable tablets under $200

Drew identifies three tablets that will fulfil all your needs and cost less than $200.

The smart home technology that can make your life easier

The future is here, and it's surprisingly simple and very affordable. Smart home technology is

How to download ebooks for free

Learn where to download tens of thousands of free classic ebooks.

New technology that will change your life and retirement

These devices will change your life and the future.

Gifts to keep you secure and happy through Christmas

All you'll want for Christmas are these gifts to keep you safe and happy

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