Apple’s plan to tackle hearing loss

The company that revolutionised the mobile phone market is set to do the same for hearing aids.

Apple’s AirPods (the company’s fully wireless headphones) will shortly receive a software update that will allow them to act like a low-budget set of hearing aids, when the company’s new iOS 12 platform is launched.

The new feature, called Live Listen, was previously reserved for hearing aids that were certified through the company’s Made for iPhone hearing aid program, and allows the microphone on a smartphone to be used as a directional microphone. If a user is in a noisy environment, they can place their iPhone close to the person speaking and use their AirPods as hearing aids.

The feature will be accessible via the settings menu on the iPhone and may come in handy for those with minor hearing issues. Those with more serious hearing impairments will probably still need to look at medical-grade solutions.

Fully wireless headphone manufacturers have increasingly seen accessibility for hearing-impaired listeners as an important part of the market.

Nuheara was one of the first headphone manufacturers to look at introducing this technology for the hearing impaired when they released their IQBuds.

Now that Apple is looking to target this section of the market, it is a sure sign that most other manufacturers will follow suit, which can only be a good thing for those suffering from poor hearing.

Would you consider buying an iPhone in future if you could use it to improve your hearing?

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