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Webmaster, Drew, helps YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Andrew, understand the benefit of choosing the correct GPS system.

Q. Andrew
Hi Drew
I am not very competent with technology and struggled to use a Traveller brand GPS Navigator the last time I hired a car when interstate. I am looking at purchasing a senior-friendly, easy to use GPS system for my car, can you please recommend the most suitable system?

Hi Andrew

There are three main brands to choose from in Australia which provide you with a quality product, excellent mapping and direction navigation systems and most importantly, are easy to use.

The first brand is the Navman. The best thing about the Navman is that the GPS system has a live traffic update feature, so the maps are constantly updated. The Navman unit comes with predictive text to allow address entry with fewer key presses. As each letter of an address is entered, the Navman compares all possible combinations against the maps installed and determine which address you might intend to type. The Navman also has multi-stop routing.

The second brand is Garmin. The new Garmin Nuvi 3760 comes fitted with Bluetooth hands-free, speed and red-light camera alerts, lane guidance, speed limit display, historical traffic information, junction view, text-to-speech and a powered speaker in the windscreen mount. The Garmins are touch-screen, so there isn’t a lot of set up to do. You can touch the screen to type in a specific address you are going to, view the map of the area you are in, or ask for a list of restaurants, gas stations, school, entertainment, and much more that you can then select with a touch. The spoken directions are loud and clear (volume is adjustable) and it also shows on the screen in large letters. The background color of the maps change from day to night for better viewing.

The final brand is Tom Tom. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some of the GPS units like the Garmin models have, but it’s pretty handy. People who have issues with technology can use them with ease. Tom Tom talks you through the directions. Just type in an address or point of interest (restaurants, golf courses, national parks, museums, gas stations, etc) and Tom Tom maps your route in seconds. You can choose options like most scenic route, fastest route, no tolls, etc.

When you hit the road, Tom Tom tells you when to anticipate a turn or exit and reminds you as you get closer. As you are driving along and decide you need to fill up with fuel or get something to eat, just hit advanced planning, point of interest, along route and pick what you’re looking for. Tom Tom gives you a list of options, distance to each and directions.

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