Do I need a camera?

Should Brenda buy a new camera or will her iPhone do the trick?

Do I need a camera?

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Brenda is going on a 3-week outback camping trip and wants to know if her iPhone will meet her requirements.

Dear Drew,
I am going on a 3-week outback camping trip and will have limited access to power. I currently use my iPhone to take photos and was concerned I may face issues with battery life and also the quality of images. Will my iPhone do the trick or should I purchase a digital camera?

A Hi Brenda,
I am a huge fan of using my iPhone for photos (over 900 taken to date), but also share you concerns about how long the battery will last in outback camping conditions and how good a photo the phone will actually take. iPhones are great for photos with friends or family members in everyday situations, but when it comes to taking a high quality image from the top of a mountain, there is no comparison to one of the latest digital SLR cameras on the market.

You should be able to find a new SLR camera from around $500 and if you are willing to task a risk on a second hand unit, you could pay as little as $300 for a quality SLR camera.

I hope you enjoy your outback adventure.

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    Young Simmo
    17th Apr 2013
    I have a mobile phone and also a good Pentax camera. The mobile phone photos are good, but I like the advantage of a camera. My camera uses standard re-chargeable batteries, so if I was going away as you are I would have the Camera charged up and a spare set charged up. Every time I get within touching distance of a 240 Volt out let I would plug the charger in.
    eggs and co
    17th Apr 2013
    I agree with Young Simmo.
    The digital camera I use for "happy snaps" has a half decent video function, however it can chew up battery power and memory. If you are worried about recharging your battery ( or better yet, batteries ), I suggest you may want to investigate a combined windup torch and battery charger for emergency backup. I have not seen one in an electronics store for some time but they should still be around.
    Also suggest you have a spare memory card as there is nothing more annoying than finding that you want to take 3 more shots and you get "memory full".

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