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With many different options available for extending your device’s battery it can be hard to know which to choose. To help you out we’ve found the top five for all your devices. 

The first decision to make about extending your battery is whether you would like a battery case or a portable battery charger. 

A battery case is a large case for your phone with a battery that will automatically charge your device when it gets low on battery. They are very convenient and not something you’ll forget to carry, but they can add a bit of bulk to your device. 

Portable battery chargers are rechargeable batteries enclosed within a case with USB ports that you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet. They are not quite as convenient as battery cases and can easily be forgotten and left at home, but they won’t add any bulk to your device. 

Also, portable battery chargers are usually compatible with any device, which can be great if your partner has a different brand of smartphone or tablet to you. 

Portable battery chargers

Small and portable: Powerpod Daytripper


This device will easily fit into your pocket or bag, and charges with a single USB port. It also comes with adapters that are compatible with most smartphones (users of the iPhone 5 and up will unfortunately have to purchase a separate lightning adapter). It will charge your smartphone by approximately 80 per cent, which, as the name indicates, is perfect for day trips. 

  • dimensions: 9.4 × 2.2 × 2.1cm
  • weight: 83g
  • capacity: 2200mAh
  • charging time: 1.5–3 hours

It’ll cost you $19.95 and is available from


Big and powerful: Powerpod Escape


This beastly portable charger will pack the power to charge a smartphone to a full four or five times. It’s great for taking with you on a short trip and allows you to charge two devices at once. Like the Daytripper mentioned above, it comes with adapters for most devices, but users of the iPhone 5 and up will unfortunately have to purchase a separate lightning adapter.

  • dimensions: 10.5 × 8.2 × 2.6cm
  • weight: 236g
  • capacity: 10400mAh/3.7V
  • charging time: 5–10 hours

It’ll cost you $69.95 and is available from

Battery cases

iPhone 6: Juice Pack Air

The Juice Pack Air allows you to flip a switch on your case when your battery is running low, which will fully charge your device – and may even add more juice than you need. The case will still allow you to access any buttons on your device, and will provide it with some extra protection from those unexpected phone drops.

Although this case will add some bulk to your phone, its design is sleek so your device won’t look awful. There are also some pleasant lights on the back that show you how much battery your case has left. 

Charging this case is convenient. Simply charge your iPhone as you normally would – the Juice Pack Air will charge your iPhone first, and will only charge itself once your iPhone is fully charged. 

  • dimensions: 7.4 x 15.5 x 1.5cm (size of phone and case combined)
  • weight: 99g
  • capacity: 2750mAh

Available for iPhone 6 at for USD$99.95.

For different iPhone models, see

Galaxy S5: Unity Galaxy S5 Battery Case

This case will double the battery life of your S5, add some additional protection from phone drops and is available in a selection of different colours. A brilliant feature of this case is that it will charge using your S5’s usual charger post – meaning you don’t have to charge the case separately or modify the way you use your phone.

  • dimensions: 14.2 x 7.9 x 1.67cm (size of phone and case combined)
  • weight: 80g
  • capacity: 2800mAh

Available for USD$69.95 from uNu.

iPad Air: Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3


This iPad case has a keyboard and stand that enables you to use your iPad like a laptop, without compromising too much of its portability. It also allows you to use the keyboard’s 1650mAh battery to charge your iPad or iPhone by connecting it with a cable. 

Available for $119.95 for iPad Air or iPad Air 2 from Kensington.

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