eReaders & eBooks

Audiobooks are making a noise

Yes, they do count as ‘real reading'. Here are three top titles to get you started.

Is this the future of reading?

Handheld AI device for people with mild to moderate low vision and reading difficulties.

How to download ebooks for free

Learn where to download tens of thousands of free classic ebooks.

Four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks

Anne Rady shares four iPhone and iPad tips and tricks in this week's video

How to get free ebooks daily

If you find yourself constantly running out of ebooks to read, this website may help.

Amazon’s new Kindle eReader

The new Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon's most refined eReader yet.

Five best websites for free ebooks

Looking for access to tens-of-thousands of free ebooks? Look no further.

Apple guilty of ebook price fixing

Apple conspired with publishers to end price competition for ebooks.

Tablets to overtake laptops and PCs

Tablets are taking over the computing world

ereaders can save your eyes

Adults aged 60 and over spend more time reading hardcopy books than on a tablet or ereader

Low-cost tablet computer

Drew explains your options for a low-cost tablet

Free e-books

E-book readers continue to be one of the most popular buys for tech savvy Australians, such as

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