Amazon’s new Kindle eReader

Amazon brought out the Kindle Paperwhite in September last year as its most refined eReader yet. While other Kindle eReaders, such as the Kindle Fire series, are designed to let you perform multiple tasks, the Paperwhite series has been made with only one task in mind: reading ebooks.

The new Kindle Paperwhite, due to be released at the end of September, is an even more refined version of the old Paperwhite (yes, they share the same name, so be wary of which version you are purchasing). The Paperwhite has built-in LED lighting, which makes reading the Paperwhite very legible under any lighting conditions. It also uses improved E Ink technology, which gives 25 per cent better contrast. The new Paperwhite has also tried to do away with the unsightly ‘flash’ which happens when you turn the page on other Amazon eReaders. With the Paperwhite the flash only happens occasionally, perhaps once per chapter.

It also has an improved battery life – Amazon claims that it will last for eight weeks if you read with the backlight on for half an hour every day.  It comes in both a wifi and a 3G version. If you are thinking about purchasing an eReader for yourself or as a gift (Christmas is just around the corner, after all), then the Paperwhite is a good option if you want a dedicated device for reading books on the go.

The wifi version retails for $139 –  you can find out more or preorder your eReader on the Amazon website now.