Free e-books

E-book readers continue to be one of the most popular buys for tech savvy Australians, such as YOURLifeChoices member Lois. While she loves her new gadget, Lois would like to know where she can download free e-books.

Q. Lois
I have just purchased an e-book reader and understand that there are free downloads of books I can get.  I am finding it hard to find them and then to download.  Could you please kindly give me some tips?

A. Congratulations on your new purchase! We’re big fans of free eBooks, and our favourite website is Project Guttenberg offers eBooks which are no longer in copyright free of charge, so it has thousands of the classics on offer.

The Nook Bookstore, operated by Barnes and Noble, also offers free e-book downloads. You do have to go through a short registration process, but the books can be downloaded as PDFs, so you can also read on your computer. Find out which books are available free at