Five best gadgets of 2013

Lock your doors remotely, run your phone off a AA battery, cut your energy bill by 20 per cent and record video with your glasses with these amazing gadgets.

Swiss Army Knife with 1GB USB
Cost: $100
This high-quality Victorinox Swiss Army Knife just got more tech-friendly with a 1GB storage drive included. Be prepared for every kind of emergency. Find out more or buy one here

Check if you locked the doors… remotely
Cost: $179
The Lockitron, shipping in May 2013, fits over the inside of most deadbolts. Once it is in place you can check if your door is locked, and if it isn’t you can lock it remotely, from anywhere in the world using the Lockitron smartphone app. It will let you know if anyone unlocks your door using a key or smartphone and you can also use Lockitron with older phones by sending text message commands. Give yourself peace of mind by visiting the Lockitron website to find out more. 

AA battery emergency phone
Cost: $99.99
The SpareOne Emergency Phone runs off a single AA battery. It can hold its charge for 15 years if unused, allows you 10 hours of talk time, can operate in extreme temperatures, comes with a waterproof bag, has a one-touch emergency services button, includes an LED torch and best of all it can work in almost any country anywhere in the world. Why not buy one for your bag and one for your glovebox? Find out more at the SpareOne website

Cut your energy bills by 20 per cent
Cost: $249
The Nest is a smart thermostat which learns your schedule and changes the temperature in your home accordingly. Rather than leaving your heating or cooling on one temperature all day, especially if you are out and about, Nest will decrease the power consumption until you are on your way home. It can also be controlled remotely from a smartphone. Your thermostat is responsible for up to half your energy bill, so the Nest essentially pays for itself by helping you to pay less. The Nest is not yet available in Australia, but be on the lookout at an Apple store near you. To find out more visit the Nest website

Google Glass
Cost: TBA
Google Glass is a small piece of glass, worn like a pair of glasses, which allows you to record videos of what you are seeing, take photographs, video chat with friends and family, search for information or get directions – all of which you can see on a small screen in the right-hand side of your vision. It’s like a smartphone you can wear. The future is well and truly here. Find out more about the Google Glass concept here