Five great data storage deals

In the world of technology, most often pricing stays relatively the same. However over the last year we have seen the largest drop in prices in personal storage since the invention’s inception.

Whereby an eight gigabyte USB would have previously sold for anywhere between 30 and 50 dollars, the savvy shopper with one eye on the sales can now purchase one from between 10 and 20 dollars. This is more than enough portable storage for most computer users, with eight gigabytes holding almost 900 songs, around 4000 photos or an infinite amount of Microsoft Word documents.

For the computer user with a bit more data storage need, then thankfully the price drop has extended to mass storage devices. External hard drives which can store between 250 and two terabytes worth of data have also seen a drastic drop in price, so the time is right to pick up a bargain.

Here are five fantastic deals which will suit every computer users storage needs:

1.tSONIQ 8GB USB Flash Drive

The SONIQ is the most basic flash drive, but if you use your computer for the bare minimum of storage, then that is all you need.
It has an eight gigabyte capacity, which ensures that wherever you are, you can take your photos and documents with you.
The SONIQ flash drive has a RRP: $15

Follow this link for more information.

2. Lexar 8GB Jump Drive TwistTurn USB Drive
The Lexar Jump Drive is perfect for transfers, storing and sharing a vast amount of data, photo, music, and video files. The drive also has a unique capless design and a rotating case to help protect the drive and its contents, providing an excellent combination of durability and convenience. It also comes with LED activity light which blinks during data transfer and a two year limited warranty.

USB 2.0
RRP: $16.67

Follow this link for more information.

3. Western Digital 1TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive
For those who are in need of a larger amount of storage, the Western Digital one terabyte elements is perfect. Not only will you never have to worry about data storage again, but if you need to upgrade your computer, you can save money by selecting a computer with less internal storage.

Capacity: 1TB
“3-year limited warranty”
USB 2.0
RRP: $84.00

Follow this link for more information.

4.tSeagate Free Agent Goflex 500GB Portable Hard Drive
This product is not dissimilar to the Western Digital hard drive, but this dard drive is a little more portable. While it does have a less space, you do not need to plug in this portable hard drive to use it, making it is very useful for those who travel and need extra computer space and data storage on the go.


Pre Loaded Backup Software & Encryption
Works With PC & Mac
500GB Capacity
Backup Software Included
2.5 Inch Disk
USB 2.0 Speed
USB Powered, No Need for AC Adaptor
RRP: $77

Follow this link for more information.

5.tVerbatim Store’n’Go USB Drive 32GB USB Drive 2.0

USB flash drives are handy due to their size and their ability to hold data. The best part of the Verbatim USB drive is its price and its storage capability. Holding a massive 32 gigabytes for just $60, the savvy computer user who needs little storage can get by without buying an external hard drive with this clever USB. It is large enough to back up your files and pictures, yet small enough not to get in the way.

Storage: 32 Gigabytes
RRP: $60
USB 2.0 speed

Visit the verbatim website for more details

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