Four iPhone/iPad tricks

These four handy tricks can save you time and effort.

Four iPhone/iPad tricks

While you may think that you have mastered your iPhone or iPad’s features, there are always a few more tricks to learn that may make your life a lot easier. Below I share my four favourite tricks for the iPhone and iPad and will share four more with you in part two.

Take a screenshot
You can take a photo of whatever is on the screen of your iPhone or iPad at any time. To do this, just hold in the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device and press the Home button at the same time. Your screen will flash, and you will find the screenshot has been saved to your Camera Roll.

Scroll to the top
Sick of scrolling all the way back to the top of an article once you have read it on your iPhone or iPad? A hidden trick available on all Apple devices is the ability to be taken to the top of any document or website you are currently working on. Simply tap the Status Bar at the top of the screen (where the time and battery life is displayed) and you will be instantly taken to the top of the item you have open.

Swipe to open notifications
When you unlock your device after receiving a notification, your iPhone or iPad will automatically open the corresponding app. If you have received more than one notification since the last time you used your device, none of the notifications will be automatically opened. Instead, you are displayed the current notifications and have the ability to open the corresponding app to a notification by swiping a notification’s app icon from left to right, like you do when unlocking your phone.

Use your iPad as a digital picture frame
To activate this feature, tap the picture icon which appears next to the "slide to unlock" bar when you unlock the device. Your iPad will now scroll through all of your photos like a digital picture frame. To customise which photo albums it will scroll through or adjust some other settings, go to Settings > Picture Frame.

Do you have any tricks or tips to share?


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    22nd Jul 2014
    Love the screenshot hint. When traveling and in wi-fi range, take a screen shot of a document that is online (say on Dropbox), and it appears as a permanent "photo".
    22nd Jul 2014
    Use Digital Ipad as photo frame. I don't have a picture icon next to the slid to unlock bar. I have a camera icon bottom right. Tapping this does nothing. When I have unlocked the ipad I get the security code pad then straight into the apps screen. What am I doing wrong??
    23rd Jul 2014
    Hi Desiree, if the picture icon doesn't appear on your lock screen then your version of software might not have it.

    But there are a couple of alternatives, such as the slideshow feature. While viewing a photo, tap the slideshow button found in the top right hand corner to begin a slideshow of that album.
    If there is no Slideshow button, click the share button (a square with an arrow protruding) then tap Slideshow. Select options, then tap Start Slideshow. To stop the slideshow, tap the screen. To set other slideshow options, go to Settings > Photos & Camera.

    Another alternative is to look on the App Store for more customisable slideshow apps.
    Sweet pea
    22nd Jul 2014
    What am I doing wrong. I have followed the instructions given about taking a 'screen shot' on this iPad but nothing happens.
    22nd Jul 2014
    You need to hold both buttons together. Press them down at the same time then look in your camera roll to find your screen shot.
    Sweet pea
    22nd Jul 2014
    My mistake. I thought I could screen shot of the tips. Able to take one of another we page
    22nd Jul 2014
    Screenshot doesn't work and the picture frame facility went away a couple of releases of IOS ago (rel 5 from memory).
    22nd Jul 2014
    It does work - and I am using IOS7 on iPhone 4S
    Polly Esther
    22nd Jul 2014
    I use my phone as a phone, what it was made for, and yes these things are all very well and good, like the pen I once had. It could write under water, even write on a slab of butter, write on all sorts of things except it failed to write on ordinary writing paper. Humans! getting too clever for their own good. You gotta love em!!
    22nd Jul 2014
    My phone was designed to do a multitude of things.
    Wakes me in the morning if I need it to.
    Reminds me of a relatives birthday.
    Lets me know about an appointment.
    Plays music for me while I'm driving.
    Makes show and tell easy with video calls.
    Allows me to send a quick message.
    No need to type. voice to text, quick and simple.
    Very handy when I go looking for a spare part I don't know how to describe. Simply shoot and show.
    If I get lost it can show me exactly where I am and the quickest route to where I'm going. If I am driving the vocal directions have got me out of trouble more than once.
    The compass and level have come in handy more than once.
    There are a lot of things it can do that I don't need or use.
    I have iOS 7.1.2 on a 5.
    22nd Jul 2014
    Love the screen shot tip for my iPad Air its brilliant! Thank you very much for all the hints you've listed for us to use today Ryan much appreciated.
    23rd Jul 2014
    Thanks Ryan, found it - I opened photos then albums, slideshow up in right hand corner.

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