Get those hard-to-reach spots

Uniback has solved the age-old problem of washing your own back. With the Uniback you can reach every inch of your back.

Quirky, multifunctional and stylish, the Australian designed Uniback is a unique back cleanser which is fitted in your shower (NO tools required). It is suitable for all age groups and, in particular, those fifty plus.

It lets you wash, scrub, scratch, exfoliate, stimulate and pamper those impossible to reach spots on your back, hands free. The key is leverage. And without leverage it’s impossible to effectively clean the back.

Uniback is also height adjustable, so no matter how or how petite you are, you can get it at just the right height to ensure your back is totally clean.

To keep your skin looking young and fresh you will want to exfoliate often and rid your back of all those dead skin cells. With the special two sided cloth you can choose from a gentle or a rougher exfoliation, depending upon your own preference.

The Uniback will deliver the best showering experience you’ve had in a very long time.

Get yourself a Uniback now, your back deserves it!

For more information, visit Uniback

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