Google Glass revealed

Google has started to ship their highly anticipated Google Glass devices.

Google Glass revealed

Touted as ‘future tech’, Google has released the technical specifications of their new wearable devices, which started shipping to app developers last week.

Expected to be released to consumers later this year, the first edition of the Google Glasses won’t come cheap with an expected price tag of just under $1500. Its impeding release was announced by Google co-founder Sergey Brin at a recent event.

Google Glass will be the first publicly launched product based solely on augmented reality technology allowing for live data interactions with landmarks, people and products via the device.

Key specifications

  • Batterylife of 24 hours
  • HD display equivalent of 25-inch HD screen
  • Voice recognition technology
  • 12GB of storage
  • 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video
  • Bluetooth, USB and wifi connectivity

I was worried that my need for prescription glasses would prevent me from ever owning a pair of Google Glasses, but Google has released a statement that the device will be created to allow for prescription frames.

Find out more about Google Glass.

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    2nd May 2013
    Hi Drew

    Please can you tell us IN THE SIMPLEST OF TERMS :) what this is all about. Can't keep up
    with all this IT stuff. Thanks.
    3rd May 2013
    It simple terms. It will be a wearable mini-computer that can take photos and interact with your surroundings. An App that has been created for the device for example allows you to take a photo by simply winking.

    The controls are by voice or movement.

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