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The Chromecast is a device made by Google, which allows you to easily stream Internet and video to your television from any computer or Android smartphone. Using the device is simple; the small dongle plugs into an HDMI port on the back of your television and a USB or wall socket for power, then you just install the Chromecast app on your Android smartphone, and once you start using the Chrome browser you’re ready to stream.

The device can stream videos from your computer or smartphone, and it can also stream from your Internet browser, which means that Youtube, Vimeo, ABC’s iView and many other websites are all accessible. One issue that has troubled the device is that a fast computer is needed for some of the features listed above, so if your computer is more than a few years old this gadget might not be for you. Aside from this, the device has received very positive reviews.

The catch is that Chromecast is, unfortunately, currently only available in the US. However it’s rumoured that the device is due to be released in the UK soon, and that Telstra is in talks with Google to bring the device Down Under.

The Chromecast retails in the US for $35, and the rumours suggest that Telstra plans to keep the device as close to that price as possible. So, what if you want the device now? The dongle can be imported through a mail forwarding service or bought on eBay with prices starting at $45 (including shipping), but be prepared for added difficulties, as the current models weren’t designed to be used in Australia. If you’re ready to wait, this partnering between Google and Telstra might mean some of Telstra/Bigpond’s sports coverage will make it on to the device.

Will you be looking out for this device when it is released in Australia? Or are you happy with television as it is now?

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Written by ryanbo


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    Australia has to wait for the dongle, what a joke. Telstra is in talks with Google, always, one major player hand in glove with another player from overseas. Of course this means Telstra want a slice of the pie and to CONTROLthe system.
    Chromecast is tested and ready for the Aussie market and could be bought direct from Google without a problem.

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    Hey, mention the word “Telstra” in conjunction with any product and it’s a massive NO-NO from me !

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    Seems to be a great gadget and I’d like to get one. I checked several online places, it seems there are a fair few ‘unsavory ‘ sellers around. If someone has a good reliable one, maybe you could come forward.

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    It’s the same old story folks. Some new fangled whiz bang thing comes along and hey listen up, if it was any good and worth it financially it would just sell itself. Do you really need the ‘donger’ for what it will really cost? I certainly don’t. The cost of the ‘donger’ and then guess what? you need a faster, more modern, more up to date computer to get the best out of your ‘donger’. Show me a PC more than 12 months old and I’ll show you a PC that needs a good update with more RAM e.g. and or a trade in on a newer quicker fancier more powerful one. So it is all cost, cost, cost, so I say to myself, Dicky what’s the point? If I can lay my hands on a PC that never dates, well then I may think again about such things. There I have had my little bitch for today, so goodnight folks.

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    Telstra is in negotiations to see how it can completely control monetary income from this device. Along the lines with internet connection speed …what a rip off …. Australia needs to look at itself very seriously …. Australians cant to afford to live in their own country… mobile phone charges, internet charges… it is all a sick joke

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    I bought a Google Chromecast through (noted more for book sales). Indeed, I received an email yesterday that they were back in stock for AUD$39.98 including delivery….but it appears they have again sold them all. It’s quite easy to use them for US sites… only need to sign up with a VPN Provider (Virtual Private Network)… effectively provides you with an IP address in whatever Country you select. Here’s an unbiased account of the best VPN providers for Australia : I selected one – at an annual cost of ~$45pa. Works seamlessly via PC or Android… can watch the BBC iView (which can’t normally be accessed outside the UK)…….it was all rather easy!! I was pleasantly surprised!!!!



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