Great gadget: dual-screen phone

Russian company Yota Devices have just released their ambitious new smartphone, the Yotaphone in their native country and are gearing up to release it across Europe during the coming months. The smartphone runs on the Android operating system and its hardware is quite similar to that of other leading smartphones on the market, but the similarities end when you get to the backside of the new device.

Instead of brandishing a polished aluminium surface, the Yotaphone features a fully functional E-Ink screen on its backside. E-Ink is a type of display which is commonly used on Kindles and other eBook devices, due to its very low power usage. As any Kindle owner will confirm, the batteries on Kindle devices can last for months without needing recharging. The E-Ink screen can be used to display incoming text messages, Facebook notifications, maps, or the time and date and as the phone runs on the Android operating system, the possibilities for this second screen are endless.

An additional screen might seem like a pointless luxury, but when the phone is priced cheaper than top competitors like the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is definitely worth considering. Unfortunately, you may be considering this for quite some time, as this is the first phone Yota Devices have launched internationally, it may take a while to reach our shores.

The Yotaphone has been confirmed to be priced at €499 ($768) making it $100 cheaper than an iPhone 5s, and is due for release in Britain in January.

You can view Pocketnow’s live demo of the Yotaphone here.

Written by ryanbo