Great gadget: pocket projector

This little device packs a powerful punch. This high-definition projector is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it is still capable of projecting video the size of an 80 inch screen. And, retailing at $299, it’s certainly cheaper than a widescreen television.

You can connect this pocket-sized projector to most smartphones, tablets, computers, DVD players and cameras. It is useful for projecting movies, videos, presentations and slideshows.

You can run it for two hours on a single charge, or to avoid draining the battery, have it plugged into a power point while in use.

It should be noted that Apple devices require you to purchase a separate adaptor to use with this projector, but most other devices will work with the cords and adaptors provided.

Buying a projector, especially one as portable as this, can be a cost-effective way to create a home-cinema experience, without having to overhaul a room or spend big bucks. As long as you have a clear section of white wall or a white sheet on which to project, you can watch movies at your leisure without any redecorating.

You can also add your own speakers for better sound. While this projector isn’t going to give you movie quality video, for the price point it is certainly worth considering. And, because it’s so small, you can even take it with you when you travel, or bring it to a friend’s house for a movie or slide night.

The pocket movie projector can be purchased from the Brookstone website for $299 plus postage. 

Have you tried using a projector in your home? Do you think they are a good alternative to a big screen television?