Great gadget: Smart standing desk

Many health professionals believe that sitting down all day could be the cause of many health problems – some think it could even be shortening our lifespans. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine each eight-hour day of sitting can cut 2.5 hours off our life expectancy. That adds up very quickly when you think about it. The Stir Kinetic desk is a smart piece of office furniture. You tell it how often you wish to stand up – for example 30 per cent of the time – and it reminds you when it’s time to get to your feet.

It does this by rising one inch, or 2.5 centimetres, and waiting for you to take the suggestion. If you choose to stand it will rise with you, allowing you to continue working in a standing position. If you don’t want to stand it will fall back to the correct height for seated work.

You can program how high to make it, how often you wish to stand and it also knows when you are sitting down with the use of its hidden heat sensors. The desk is controlled with an inbuilt touchscreen, and it contains hidden power points in its surface so you can keep all your devices powered up.

The Stir Kinetic desk can be ordered as of now, and the company intends to start shipping in early February. There is currently no information on when a model with Australian power points will be available, but it shouldn’t be too far behind. A Stir Kinetic desk will set you back $US3890, or $AU4325.

What do you think? Would you pay over $4000 to improve your health at work? Is this a good idea? Or just another overpriced gadget?