Great gadget: Two egg gadgets

These gadgets will tell you when your eggs are bad and pluck the yolk from the white.

Great gadget: Two egg gadgets

These two great egg gadgets will tell you how many eggs you have left, when they are going bad and help you to pluck the yolk from the white with minimum fuss. Which one do you want?

The Egg Minder
The Egg Minder is a smart egg tray. It tracks which eggs are oldest and newest, which ones have gone bad and, if you’re on an impromptu supermarket run, you can even connect to the Egg Minder via a smartphone to find out how many eggs are left.

The Egg Minder wirelessly connects to a smartphone to help you keep track of your eggs. You simply unpack your eggs from their carton, place them into the smart egg tray and you’re done. When you’re ready to use the eggs, a little LED light will flash next to the oldest egg, so you can avoid letting one go bad. It will also tell you if an egg has gone off.

You can set the smart egg tray to tell you when you’re running low on eggs, or just check how many eggs are in the tray remotely via a smartphone.

What do you think? Would a gadget such as this help you to keep track of your eggs? Would you find it helpful, or is it just another silly gadget?

The Pluck
Separating the yolk from an egg white can be tricky at the best of times. The Pluck makes it simple - you just press down on the squeeze chamber, which requires “the strength of a kitten and the energy of a sloth”, and the yolk is sucked, or ‘plucked’ cleanly from the white.

This gadget is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, hard to break and it could save you a lot of baking heartache. What do you think? Is this a great idea? Or would you rather separate your eggs the old-fashioned way?


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    18th Feb 2014
    You know, I really hadn't placed that much importance on the humble egg!!!
    18th Feb 2014
    Don't buy a 'Pluck', an empty plastic drink bottle will do the job well, squeeze the bottle, hold the opening over the yolk, the yolk will slide into the bottle.
    18th Feb 2014
    How about a gadget that stops the industry gassing or mincing alive millions of baby chicks each year just because they are male? Then I'll be interested in little gadgets to make our lives easier.
    20th Feb 2014
    Colours :)
    Yes that would be a great invention indeed
    18th Feb 2014
    And WHY do these poultry farmers push out chickens to the supermarkets that are not much bigger than a pigeon. They are getting smaller and smaller, and Coles and Woollies have the cheek to call them large, hah, what an insult to the public. I remember many years ago when we lived on Guernsey in the Channel Islands , we would buy a chook to cook, and a family of two adults and two children, we would have it roasted on Sunday, cold with chips an a vege on Monday, and the remainder curried on Tuesday, and yes there was a a fair amount left to curry. You're lucky to get one meal out of these now, with perhaps a bit left over for a sandwich.! I don't remember how much they weighed, it may not have said, but they were average size.
    18th Feb 2014
    A way to see if eggs are off, is to place them in water. If they float, then they are off.
    19th Feb 2014
    I've got my own safe way of separating the yolk from the white - cost nil
    and agree with Twila re to see if they are off.
    A waste of money as far as I am concerned.

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