Become an iPad pro in under 30 minutes

This super simple lesson will make you an iPad pro in under 30 minutes.

How to become an iPad pro

Anyone with an iPad will already know how handy they can be. From reading ebooks to doing crosswords, or playing the odd brain game to simply browsing your favourite retirement website, your iPad can do a lot, and so much more than you may be aware of.

We could sit and list the myriad ways your iPad could change your life, but this educational video does it so much better than words.

You’ll learn tricks with iOS native apps, how to make better use of your camera and video, how to use Siri to make life easier and a heap of other tips and tricks. So, sit back as you’re taken step-by-step towards becoming an iPad pro. Best of all, once you’ve learnt all these lessons, you can show your friends and family!

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    12th Nov 2018
    This is a very interesting YouTube video for the average iPad user. However, please note that it is specifically aimed at the iPad Pro and also dates from September of 2016. The Pro is a much more powerful device than even an Air2. iOS12 which was released in September 2018 has also added many features that are not included here.
    The video really only scratches the surface of what you can do on and with an iPad and it is doubtful that anyone person will ever actually reach the full potential that lurks within it.

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