Instant Pot Smart Wifi

The new Instant Pot Smart Wifi features all the best functions of previous models, including buttons for meat, rice, chilli, beans, cake and even yoghurt, this cooker makes cooking easy and precise.

It also comes with a measuring cup, rice paddle and soup spoon, but the big addition is wifi. Yes, you read that right. The pot connects to your home wifi, allowing you to adjust the pressure level, monitor your food’s progress, cancel cooking remotely and receive notifications on your phone when cooking is finished.

The Instant Pot Smart Wifi connects to your phone with an app that also includes recipes, dish ideas and updates about whether the cooker is preheating, in the process of cooking or keeping your food warm.

The cooker costs $206, and while the added features may sound quite flash, their practical use may be limited. For example, once the cooking is in process the option to monitor the pot’s heat is limited to a visual thermometer that offers real-time information, and the only functional change you can make is to cancel the cooking process.

If the idea is to be able to keep in touch with your cooker without getting off the couch, then this may be the product for you.

There are more than 900 reviews on Amazon and thousands of comments on YouTube videos about this product (the large majority of which are very positive). We’ve shared three of the better ones.

“I am almost totally blind. Lots of visually impaired/blind folks use the wifi and Bluetooth pots simply because we can use our pots without sighted assistance We use voiceover (a system on our phones that translates what’s on the screen) to start, stop, select, etc.” ~ Cari Shields on YouTube

“Have to precook some of your meats to look good and to cook properly. Makes everything fast. Not easy to clean the edges inside (don’t have a dishwasher).” ~ Ronald Campbell on Amazon

“I love my instant pot. I have been using it about three times per week since January 2019. No issues. I purchased the extra warranty, so if something was to go wrong I’m covered. The wifi function is great. I use it to see what it’s doing when I am out and about. I also use it to start the cooker when I’m on the way home from work, and food is done when I get home.” ~ Troy6671 on Amazon

Would you invest in an Instant Pot Smart Wifi?

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