iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy tablet

Apple has, more or less, dominated the tablet market in Australia since its inception, but the winds are changing as competitors’ devices catch up to the iPad with hardware and software. Samsung is undoubtedly Apple’s biggest competitor in the tablet market and its latest offering, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, is a serious tablet offering superior hardware at a similar cost. Below, we have compared the specifications and some of the unique features of the two devices to help you decide whether your next tablet purchase is from Apple or Samsung.


For convenience we have compared the $499USD ($530AUS) models.  It should be taken into account that prices of these devices usually increase when they are released in Australia.

iPad Air

Galaxy Tablet S


$499USD ($530AUS)

$499USD ($530AUS)


2,048×1,536 pixels

2,560×1,600 pixels





16GB (can’t be expanded)

16GB (can be expanded up to 128GB)


5 megapixels, no flash

1.2 megapixels front facing camera

8 megapixels with flash

2.1 megapixels front facing camera

Battery life

Up to 10 hours

Up to 11 hours

Fingerprint scanner



As you can see in the table above, Samsung has beaten Apple on pretty much every specification, for the same price, but the software of the devices is a key consideration for you to make before deciding on a purchase.  

Unique features and flaws

iPad Air


  • Known for being easy to use, and for its accessibility options.
  • Apple stores are located throughout Australia, making it easy to get the device repaired or replaced.
  • More popular, therefore has more apps than the Galaxy.
  • Synergises well with other Apple devices.


  • Apple iOS gives you less freedom than the Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S


  • Allows true multitasking, meaning you can have two applications open side by side, at the same time. 
  • Although Android tablets are currently less common than iPad tablets, they are rapidly growing in popularity, meaning that before too long certain apps will not only be Apple exclusives. 
  • Synergises well with other Samsung devices.


  • Android software updates are not delivered to all devices simultaneously, and Samsung has a poor record of taking its time to deliver updates, but as this tablet is being marketed as a high-end tablet, it will likely deliver updates more quickly.

Do you own an iPad or a previous Galaxy model? Are there any features you’ve liked or disliked which you would like to share with fellow YOURLifeChoices readers to help them make their decision? Let us know in the comments below.