Creating bookmarks on an iPad

YOURLifeChoices member Karen has recently purchased an iPad and wants to know how to create a bookmark. Drew explains how and also teaches Karen how to add a favourite website to her home screen.

Q. Dear Drew,

I purchased a brand new iPad last month and am having trouble dealing with the difference between it and a PC. I want to create a number of bookmarks of my favourite website and would also like to make a few of them as shortcuts straight from my home screen similar to apps. Is this even possible?


A. Hi Karen,

As with most of the features on the iPad, the bookmarking tool is hidden.

Start by opening Safari and navigate to the website you are looking to bookmark. Once there, press the arrow symbol which is to the left of the address bar (pictured below). This will now give you a number of different suggests. To add the website, press the ‘Bookmark’ button and add a description of the bookmark. Finally, to access your bookmarks at a later stage, click on the book symbol next to the arrow symbol.

To answer the second part of your question, it is possible to create a shortcut to any website on your iPad home screen. Simply click on the arrow symbol again and from the drop down menu pictured below, select ‘Add to Home Screen’. This link will now appear as an app and navigate you directly to the page when pressed.

Written by Drew

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