Four iPhone/iPad tricks part 2

If you liked our last four iPhone and iPad tricks, then you will also like these four shortcuts which will help you to get the most out of your device.
Swap between apps
Instead of searching through your app folders to open a recently used App, double tap the Home Button to reveal a list of recently used apps. This function is the iPhone/iPad equivalent of Alt-Tabbing on a PC.

Take better photos
Using your iPhone as a camera has its drawbacks. Tapping your screen to take a photo isn’t as good as having a physical shutter button on the top of the device like with a normal camera, but a hidden feature of iPhones/iPads is that they actually do have this feature. The + volume button located on the right-hand-side of your device functions as a shutter button when you are in the camera app. Using the + volume button should help to stablise the phone while taking a photo, leading to higher quality shots.

iPad lock rotation button
The button on the righthand-side of your iPad which locks your device in portrait or landscape, can also be used as a mute button. To change the function of the button, go to Settings > General > Use Side Switch To: and choose either Mute or Lock Rotation.

Read websites which aren’t mobile optimised easily
Tapping the Reader button which appears in the URL bar on websites can allow you to read them more easily and also allows you enlarge the font. Unfortunately this doesn’t work on all websites and will occasionally focus on the wrong piece of text.

Do you know any tips or tricks for your devices?

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