iPhone query

Getting a new gadget is always exciting but every now and then they can be a little bit confusing. YOURLifeChoices subscriber Joan recently had a problem with her new iPhone, but Drew has come to her rescue with an easy solution.

Q. Joan
I wonder if you could advise how I can stop my new iPhone 4 switching the ringer volume down to zero. This means I miss messages and phone calls. I have tried turning the ringer to the max, then locking it, only to find that when I check it later, the ringer has again gone down to zero. 

The problem seems to be that the iPhone is confusing your iPod volume with your ring volume. Try this:

Wait until the phone is sleeping, i.e. black screen.

Then double click the home button (the round button). The mp3-player volume slider appears (don’t unlock your phone, the volume item will be at the top). Move this to high (to the right), and your ring volume will no longer decrease.