Low-cost tablet computer

Drew explains your options for a low-cost tablet

YOURLifeChoices member Iris is looking for a low-cost tablet to keep in contact with her grandchildren. Drew explains what her options are.

Q I am keen to buy a tablet computer to keep in touch with my grandchildren, nothing too complex, but something which will allow me to chat, email and share photos. I am quite keen on the new Kindle Fire which I believe can do all this, as well as allow me to read books, but am unsure if this is really enough or should I consider an iPad or a different tablet PC?

Hi Iris,

The Kindle Fire is a quality tablet computer at a very reasonable price. A light and durable tablet, the Kindle Fire allows for all social networking platforms, internet, email and even Skype. The downfall of the Kindle Fire is that there is no camera for face-to-face video conversations.

For around $50-$100 more, you could purchase a second hand iPad 2 which will allow for all of the features you are seeking. Of course, there are also Windows and Android tablet computers on offer in your price range.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a higher end Tablet which retails for $338 new and comes standard with all of the features you require. At the cheaper end of the Android market is the Motorola Xoom coming in at around $230 while boasting all of the features listed on a slower, more difficult to use, platform.


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    27th Nov 2012
    Motorola Xoom for $230? Lead me to it; the cheapest I have found is a touch under $460 and it goes up from there. Come on Drew, let us into the secret.
    Golden Oldie
    27th Nov 2012
    I purchased a Bauhn tablet a few months ago for $249, and apart from some initial problems due to my inexperience with WiFi and tablets, it is now operating successfully for what I want to do on it. ie. receive and send email, play games, download information. It can also access Facebook, Skype and Twitter, and has a back and front camera. If you look around, there are now a number of tablets - 10 inch and 7 inch for very reasonable prices, using the Android operating system, and these can also double as eReaders.
    28th Nov 2012
    I have two sons in the ADF who use Asus tablets that have the keyboard option that gives them more battery life. One son works in IT so he is knowledgeable about computers. My sailor son uses his new Asus tablet with keyboard dock for his work as a storeman onboard ship. They both swear by Asus and I am very happy with this one of mine that was bought for me.

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