Making the most of your photos

Long gone are the days when photos were printed and popped in albums. Now that the world has gone digital, they simply languish on phones and computers. It’s time to do something with those wonderful images you’ve captured. YOURLifeChoices has some tips to help you make the most of your photos.

If you have ever looked with envy at some the professionally produced photobooks which grace coffee tables, you can now produce your own. There are many websites which allow you to upload your photos, add captions and borders and then print professional-looking photobooks to give as a gift, or simply enjoy for yourself. While it’s usually free to play around with the software, there is a cost involved in having the books printed. Want to give it a go? Try these websites.

Choose your cover, number of pages and design of your photobook. Not the cheapest option on the market, but a good, comprehensive site.

Big W Photos
An easy to use site which allows you to have your photobooks delivered free-of-charge to your local store. Also, it often has promotions, such as the current ‘buy one get one half price’.

Create your masterpiece from home, order the final version and have it delivered to your door. This is an incredibly easy site to use and offers some creative options. A pocket-sized full colour book starts at just $5.95.

If email hasn’t yet taken over your life and you’re still in the habit of dropping notes to friends through the post, why not create your own postcards from photos. Imagine your friends’ surprise when they see a photo of you smiling up at them from the pile of bills they usually get.

When you’re travelling and want to tell your friends that you ‘wish they were here’, this site enables you to upload your photo, leave a message and have your postcard printed and sent to your desired recipient.

With no minimum order, this site makes printing a variety of different cards affordable. Starting from just $1.45 per card, your postcards are on their way to you in 24 hours.

Click NEXT to find out how to store your photos, both print and digital Storing photos
If you’re organised, you may have your digital photos categorised on your computer. Or perhaps you have printed copies stored in albums. But have you backed them up in case the unthinkable happens? Are you storing your precious snaps properly?

If you don’t plan to print your digital photos, you can upload them to a photo sharing site. This way you can give people access to your online albums, load to Facebook, or simply have them available to you wherever you go.

If you wish to keep your digital images on your computer, it’s useful to back them up in some way and have them properly categorised for easy access. This site gives useful tips on how to store, back up and which devices are best used for which purpose.

Government Archives
If you’ve looked at old family photos which have faded heavily or become marked, you may wish to be more careful about how you archive your printed pics. Professionals are the best people to give advice on this and this site will help you ensure that your photos are around for years to come.

Photo scanners
Convert your printed photographs to digital versions which can be shared or stored more easily. Photo scanners are portable devices which enable you to scan your photos, or negatives and save them on to a USB or SD card. There are a few available on the market which vary in price. Here are three you may wish to consider.

600dpi EzyScan Photo Scanner 5″x7″ – $139
Q-Pix Negative, Slide and Photo Scanner – $134
Kaiser Bass A4 Photo Scanner – $169 

Written by Debbie McTaggart