Personal flying car a decade away

The flying car is already a reality with US-based manufacturer Terrafugia successfully developing and testing a flying car called the Transition, which is expected to go on sale to the public by 2015. The car has wings which fold up when on the road and extend for take-off and flight. Unfortunately, the Transition requires a runway to take-off and land, so it’s not very practical for the everyday user.

Terrafugia’s latest design is the TF-X, which it expects to start selling to the public in the early 2020s. The TF-X is a vehicle made out of carbon-fibre which takes off vertically using electric-powered rotor blades mounted one each side of the car and once in the air, switches to a rear-mounted gas engine.

The designers believe it should take an average driver no more than five hours to learn how to safely operate the vehicle, with the onboard computer controlling the majority of flight directions and landing. The TF-X is expected to fly at speeds up to 320km/h with a fuel capacity of 800km.

Would you consider buying the first version of the flying car if the price was reasonable? Or would you wait until the second iteration to ensure the ‘bugs’ had been worked out?

Written by Drew

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