Secure your hotel room

I doubt that I’m alone when I say I’ve had more than one experience while travelling when I’ve felt unsafe at my accommodation. Irrespective of whether you’re staying at a backpackers or a five star hotel, if you’re a solo traveller sometimes you just don’t feel that safe as you try to drift off to sleep.

This travel gadget solves that problem and should have you sleeping soundly on your next trip. The Door Stopper Alarm is designed to be placed behind any door to keep intruders out. Should an intruder attempt to open the door, the wedge-shaped design will prevent it from opening and activate a 120 decibel alarm.

Simple to use, the alarm only requires one battery and has a straightforward on and off switch, allowing it to be used as regular doorstop when switched off.

With one less thing to worry about, now you can focus on the real concerns at hand such as where to eat lunch tomorrow!

RRP: $20.89 – TopBuy

Written by SJ