Smartphone essentials that you should never travel without

Space is at a premium when you are packing, but some things are just too important to go without, and increasingly those items are technology accessories.

We all know that you will need universal adapters and charging cables, but here are the other essentials you should never travel without.

Double headphone jack
Are you one of those couples sharing one headphone apiece on a long-haul flight, to listen to music? It might look cute, but not only are you missing out on the full audio quality of your device, just thing of how uncomfortable you are. You can buy a double headphone jack from any audio store (usually for less than $10) and then you can both have your own set of headphones plugged into the same device.

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Waterproof case
There is nothing worse than watching your phone sink in an unexpected water incident and it is so easy and cheap to insure against. If you are travelling to a destination where you know you are going to take part in a lot of water activities, fork out some money for a waterproof case. There are many options, but you don’t need to pay top dollar, a simple, velcro-closing option can save you a lot of heartache.

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Portable power pack
Smartphones have that special knack of going flat when you need them most. A power pack can be a lifesaver in those situations and are an absolute must for travel these days. Choose one that is capable of charging at least two devices at the same time, so you can charge your partner’s device without the need for you to both have power packs.

Extra memory storage
This one won’t take up any extra room in your luggage but is crucial if you are snap happy when on holidays. If you notice your phone storage is starting to get full and you don’t want to delete old photos or apps when taking photos and videos, it is time to embrace cloud storage. Sign up for a free or inexpensive image storing plan and never have to worry about how many photos you are taking ever again.

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Smartphone stabiliser
Do you get home from your holiday and then find out that all the video you shot on your smartphone is shaky and unwatchable? This doesn’t have to be the case. There are many stabilisers on the market that can make you holiday footage look much more professional, and you would be surprised by what a difference it can make. These devices provide an attachment for your phone to slide into, while giving you full control of your device in a self-stabilising device that cancels out any movement you make. Advances in designs mean that they are also ultra-compact and lightweight.

What smartphone accessories can’t you do without when you travel? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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Written by Ben