Smartphone watches on the horizon

Is the smartwatch a necessary device or just a waste of money?

Smartphone watches on the horizon

Smartphones continue to advance at breakneck speed and the latest smartphone concept is the Limbo, a bendable smartphone which can be worn as a watch.

South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon recently showcased his concept smart device which is a slimmed down smartphone, light enough for a user to wear on their wrist as a watch. Utilising new flexible display technology, The Limbo is built to provide better usability for the smartphone user on the move.

Rumours have been circling the internet over the last week that Apple has begun designing a similar wearable product called the iWatch, which isn’t expected to hit shelves until late next year.

Watches are not the only smart device set to hit the shelves over the coming year, with the latest wearable eye technology, the Google Glass, already in the hands of many software developers who are busy coding apps for the new device.

Will you look into a wearable smartwatch or glass device to improve your life, or are they simply an unnecessary toy for those with too much money?

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    2nd Aug 2013
    if you read J D Robb "in Death " series of books these wrist (links) phones are in common use in 2050

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