Turn off this annoying iPhone reminder

Drew explains how to turn off the ‘iPhone Backup Failed’ reminder.

Stop this annoying iPhone reminder

YourLifeChoices member Stuart is constantly being reminded to upgrade his iCloud storage settings and today we show him how to turn off this setting on his iPhone.


Q. Stuart
For several months, I have been receiving the ‘iPhone Backup Failed’ message on the phone. Each time, I click on the notification and click off it, as I have no interest in paying a monthly fee to store my files in the iCloud. From clicking on the notification, there seems to be no way to prevent these annoying notifications from popping up every few days. How do I deactivate this feature completely?

A. Hi, Stuart. I have also been annoyed by these notifications on my smartphone for almost a year now. I’ve not been prepared to pay for a service I feel I don’t need, but also not prepared to deactivate the service as it ‘may’ be doing something useful that I could need in the future. To help you out in this situation, I’ve decided to take the leap with you by also turning this setting off for good.

You can deactivate this feature by following these instructions:

Open ‘Settings’ from your home screen.
Click on your profile name at the top (mine has my full name, Drew Patchell).
Now, click on ‘iCloud’.
Scroll down until you find ‘iCloud Backup’ and click on it.
Now, click the slider button to deactivate this.
Finally, click ‘OK’ when the ‘Stop iCloud Backup’ warning screen appears.

You have now successfully deactivated iCloud storage and should no longer receive the ‘iPhone Backup Failed’ message.

Are you having any problems with your devices that you would like help with? Are you familiar with the iCloud?



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    6th Aug 2018
    How do you get to the end of the story about the cat and the plastic bag without ending up trapped by the mazda ad wanting to know where you are?

    Why do car sellers want to know where you are anyway?

    That was a very naughty trick to not tell the end like that. I'm never buying any of those products advertised ever again.

    Very disappointing.
    6th Aug 2018
    Go up to the three vertical dots on the top right hand side. Click on history and delete all the nuisance sites you have clicked on to find out about the cat and the plastic bag.
    Sometimes its just easier to clear the history and all the cookies and start over.
    PS Cat was OK in the end hehe.
    6th Aug 2018
    Rae - I am now getting cat ads on my side panel! Ughhh.
    6th Aug 2018
    Haha thanks
    6th Aug 2018
    I would love to know how to block a private number!
    6th Aug 2018
    Read the message on the screen. There is no payment involved for backing up to the iCloud. It is complaining that you are not connected to wifi when you charge your phone and therefore backups aren't being done (because it doesn't want to use up your mobile data to do the backup).

    Solution : Turn on wifi when charging and the message will go away naturally.

    6th Aug 2018
    If people used their bloody phones just to talk to one another, eschewed this 'app' crap, and did all of their computing on a computer, then they wouldn't have to worry about this rubbish.
    6th Aug 2018
    The headingin the main body refers to an annoying smart phone message buts it's about an iphone an apple product, there are other smart phones out there that don't annoy you like this.

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