Telstra T-Hub

This week Webmaster Drew reviews the latest touch-screen home phone which is making life easier for many Australians.

Not just an ordinary home phone, the Telstra T-Hub is a cordless touch-screen device and phone system which allows the user to make phone calls, send text messages, access the internet and play music, or watch videos amongst other useful features.

When I first purchased my T-Hub, I questioned why I might need another touch-screen, computer-like device in my home. Within the first week I discovered just how convenient the T-Hub. Having set up the T-Hub in the kitchen, I found myself turning on music while cooking dinner, looking up recipes, regularly checking my email, weather forecasts and even checking Facebook updates over my morning cereal, without having to turn on my computer (which takes a few minutes to boot up anyway).

While the T-Hub touch-screen device is usually stored on the base-station, it is detachable for use anywhere in the house. I also found the display on the touch-screen to be quite large and easy to read.

As with many new technologies, the T-Hub could sometimes freeze up, but simply requires a simple reboot to get it back up and running.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the T-Hub and now couldn’t live without it!

Price $299
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