Three best gadgets of 2015

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Each year we have access to more innovative gadgets, designed to enhance the efficiency of our everyday lives. With the new year now arrived, we can expect to see the bar raised even further, and these three gadgets of 2015 will set the ball rolling.


To date, sleep-tracking devices have taught users about their sleeping patterns by tracking how much they toss and turn, but have been unable to offer any further insight. With Sense, that’s all about to change. Sense takes sleep-tracking technology a step further by connecting your movement during sleep to your external environment. Inside the aesthetically pleasing orb-shaped device are sensors, which record sudden noise and measure light, temperature, humidity and particles of dust or pollen in the room, which can affect sleep quality. All this information can then be reviewed in an app, which rates the quality of your sleep and logs the disturbances you experienced during the night.

Price: $160 AUS

Read more at The Guardian


As long as you have your wallet, you’ll never run out of battery power again. That is the power of SEYVR – a slimline wallet that recharges your phone on the spot. Designed by Norwegian development company, Unikia, SEYVR has a built-in 1400mAh Li-Po battery, which can be recharged using a USB cable. The wallet is made of real leather, can hold six cards, has a money clip for cash and can recharge your iPhone or Android in less than 2.5 hours.

Price: $130 AUS



Garmin, best-known for its GSP-enabled devices, has innovated the activity-tracker market with its new product, Vivosmart. You can wear Vivosmart on your wrist, and it not only records your daily activity and exercise, but also your sleep patterns. Most impressively, it has a silent alarm feature, which will wake you – but not your partner! Vivosmart is also water resistant, and can be linked via Bluetooth to your smartphone, allowing you to receive vibration alerts for phone calls, text messages and emails from your smartphone while in use.

Price: $200 AUS


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Written by ameliath


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    What is going on in this world come lately, are some people becoming completely devoid of their god given senses? This vivosmart thingo or gizmo or whatever name one might give it, looks as if it will be real handy, I don’t think, to let one know how they’ve been filling in their days, after they have become a zombie. To each their own I suppose, but I know where I’d rather be spending my 200 bucks. Two hundred did I say? really, I wish.

  2. 0

    hear hear Willie.
    Does this Vivosmart smell the roses for me too?



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